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  • Whatever the dynamic of your tree removal, we have the capacity to complete the job mess free. We are running a project where for every tree we remove we will plant 2! Learn More

  • The Emerald Ash Borer is a problem we have to face. With our skill and knowledge, we provide a safe and mess free project for you Learn More

  • Pruning is an art. It is always with the trees future in mind. Let us cultivate your tree scape Learn More

  • We pride ourselves in giving back to the environment and with that we love planting trees. Ask us how we can full fill your planting dreams Learn More

  • P.H.C is all about developing the eco system around your trees to provide optimal living conditions. From pest resistance, to soil nutrition Learn More

  • When your tree quits unexpectedly we have the equipment, knowledge and time to get you back on track. Ask us now Learn More


At Parker Tree Care Ltd. we know how valuable trees are to our ecosystem. We don’t want to become a “just cut it down” company, however, we understand that sometimes we have to cut down trees to prevent damage, injuries, or just for decline in health. Our promise to the planet is this: WE WILL ALWAYS PROMOTE PLANTING MORE TREES using Local and international planting projects.

Our footprint is in Ontario so we will try and keep as many tree plantings in Ontario as possible.

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As an Englishman, moving to Canada was a big step. Yet falling in love with the tree industry has made that transition easier. My passion is seeing trees thrive. I love walking up to a property and seeing the potential within a tree. I love climbing in to the canopy and feeling the bark in my hands and coaching the tree into its prime whether that be pruning the tree for its optimal airflow, pruning away from buildings and/or cleaning out potential future hazards. Seeing a tree develop in front in me brings me so much joy.

I pride myself in being knowledgeable and excellent at my trade. We at Parker Tree Care Ltd. always try to learn and grow with our industry, pushing our safety standards beyond government recommendations, and making sure all our staff and tools are at peak performance.

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Sam Parker
ISA Certified Arborist (ISA ON-2050A)
Ontario Provincially Certified Arborist (400947235)