At Parker Tree Care Ltd we know how valuable trees are to our eco system. We don’t want to become a “just cut it down” company, however we understand that sometimes we have to cut down trees to prevent damage or injuries. So our promise to our planet is this: FOR EVERY TREE WE REMOVE WE WILL PLANT 2!

We don’t ask for permission or a sign up for our program. We don’t forward the cost or charge to the customers. We as a company choose to go the extra mile to give back the best. So even if we forget to mention the project, we promise we are still doing it. Certificates of planting are sent to the customers who used us for their removals. Partnering with planting projects, most of the trees are planted in Canada and we try to keep as many in Ontario as possible. Understanding that our footprint is made in Ontario we try and replace the tree in the same province.

Please feel free to ask us how we plant and the projects we do with planting. Or even if you want to get involved with our planting projects.

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Tree Removal, Parker Tree Care, Pruning, Tree, Arborist, Tree Surgeon, Tree Health, Dead Tree, Ash,
Tree Removal, Parker Tree Care, Pruning, Tree, Arborist, Tree Surgeon, Tree Health, Dead Tree, Ash,


As a business we understand that when we leave our legacy continues. We also know that what people say behind our back builds the next legacy. So as a thank you for referring us we promise you a return on the next job.

  • 5% your next job if a referral confirms
  • 5% your job if your neighbour books us while on site

Some conditions do apply, based on when contract is started etc. Please feel comfortable to ask us any questions. We want to build a reputation that exists within a friendship with our clients.


If you own/run a registered charity and you need some tree work, whether it is a days teaching seminar or tree planting project, or even a hazardous tree removal. Parker Tree Care Ltd has a charitable pricing structure to help you get your project off the ground. We still need to come on site to see the access, and time frame to give a price. However we are very open about how we look after our Charities. Let’s start a conversation.

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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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